7 of the Latest and Greatest Grazing Tables to Get Your Mouth Watering

You walk into a party, greet the host, say a few well-timed pleasantries and then do the inevitable: make a bee-line for the food.  

These days, the food will most likely be found in the form of a grazing table. 

And what’s a grazing table, you ask?  Only the hottest trend in party catering.  Equipped with a small napkin and the latest local bites, you can be free to mix and mingle with no place cards attached.  Below is a list of some of our favorite table arrays for your perusing pleasure. 


7. Tenacious Spaces 

Columbus, Ohio

Based in Columbus Ohio, Tenacious Spaces specializes in party plattering.  The best part? All of Tenacious Spaces’ grazing tables are reminiscent of the Mediterranean Diet, with some of the best names in charcuterie thrown in. Who says you can’t get your nutrients from grazing? Definitely not the corporate teams using Tenacious Spaces for their lunch meetings.  From chevre to hummus to freshly cut kiwi, Tenacious Spaces shows that healthy can be glamorous. 


6. Highlands Grazing Co. 

New South Wales

Yielding from New South Wales, Highlands Grazing Co. sure has a way with color, managing to cover every table on their Instagram page with rich pinks, subtle beiges and even a welcome tinge of black, whether it comes from dark chocolate pretzels or blackberries.  When it comes to grazing tables, creativity is key. But we surely admire how Highlands Grazing Co. does creativity with consistency and class. 


5. Mama Pak’s Kitchen 

Toronto, Ontario 

Did someone say breakfast? Grazing tables don’t discriminate by meal.  Hanna Pak of Mama Pak’s Kitchen makes a mean breakfast spread complete with bagels, peppered eggs, assorted pastries, lox and even fruitful yogurt cups. We’d be suited and up and 8am for that any day. 


4. Platter & Boe 

Melbourne, Australia 

The concept of gazing platters may be a dream for adventurous eaters, but a nightmare for those with dietary restrictions.  What you see in front of you may look delectable, but how do you know if it fits your needs? Based in Melbourne, Australia, Platter & Boe has vegan party-goers in mind. With prominent labels tastefully dispersed throughout their colorful spreads, Platter & Boe have ensured that vegan hosts and guests alike will not only have a delicious experience, but a stress-free one.  


3. The Miami Larder 

Miami Florida 

The only thing more hip than grazing tables nowadays is eating local.  Supporting local businesses brings community together and nothing says community louder than a premium spread from Miami Larder.  Locally sourced fruits and honeycomb pair exquisitely with high-end artisanal cheeses and meats from Europe. 

And to top it off, Miami Larder is the only premium charcuterie board caterer in Miami, so any guest attending your party or any client visiting for a meeting is in for a one of a kind treat.  


2. Bliss Boards 

New South Wales

Grazing tables are all the rage, but sometimes they can be hard to navigate.  Bombarded with the latest variety in haute cuisine, you may be wondering what certain items are and if you will like them.  But you’re too afraid to ask. Bliss Boards come with all the class of the fanciest setups possible with many of the fanciest food items seen across tables.  However, they have a sneaky way of inserting commonplace items like sausage links, fried chicken sliders and pizza pies into the mix so that when stepping outside of his or her comfort zone, no guest feels too far from home. 

1. Happy Shower Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan 

Most grazing tables we find on Instagram and Pinterest are variations off the traditional cheese and charcuterie, with accoutrements to match the season. But what if your party’s theme centers around a different culture? Cue Happy Shower Tokyo.  Specializing in high-end baby showers and weddings, Happy Shower Tokyo’s grazing tables will feature gourmet chocolate and macaroons alongside tea-soaked eggs and tropical fruits you are unlikely to have seen before. 

Planning your next big family event? Allow your guests to indulge in the desserts they love the most while simultaneously trying something new.

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