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We are deeply grateful for the overwhelming praise and recognition we've garnered since our inception in February 2019. Below, we invite you to explore some of the standout moments and highlights we've cherished along the way.

Whether it’s a hot girl dinner, casual appetizer or full-blown meal, charcuterie has taken over the world of grazing. Charcuterie is a French word for an assortment of different cold meats, but the culture of charcuterie has broadened from the historical specifics. Now, trays of fruits and vegetables, vegetarian snacking spreads and complex creations all fall under the French title. Miami restaurants and grocers offer a wide range of dine-in and delivery charcuterie options that will satisfy every interpretation of the dish. 

Thank you Yelp for naming The Miami Larder the #1 charcuterie boards in Miami for 4 consecutive years in a row!

Ten years ago, you would've been hard-pressed to come across a charcuterie board on most restaurant menus, let alone find anyone who knew how to spell and pronounce "charcuterie." But today, plenty of people are putting together trays of meats, cheeses, and other snackable treats for game nights, holidays, picnics, and simply posting on social media.

Mitch Hesse and the team at The Miami Larder, are a testament to how a beautiful idea first inspired by Instagram, can turn into a thriving business. The team at The Miami Larder understand how content marketing, beautiful product photography and clever delivery can make you stand out online.


10 Best Charcuterie Board Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

A charcuterie board can liven up any party or family gathering. It’s just… how do the pros get their boards to look like THAT? No more staring down your brie and goat cheese and wondering how to make them look classy on your big, fancy, wooden board because help is on the way. 

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