Put your Small Variety Board to use with these 5 Small (Mother’s Day) Date Ideas!

If you're looking to make this mother's day a more cozy one, then here are five simple date ideas that'll do just the trick. Fear not though, because these dates are perfect for any situation as long as they're with someone special. 

1. A Peaceful Picnic

Let’s get the obvious out of the way, nothing scratches a date itch quite like a picnic. What’s more relaxing than being in nature and relishing in some one on one time with the person you care about. Couple that with a small variety board and Florida’s amazing (yet unpredictable) weather and you’ve got an intimate day planned, perfect for your partner or a personal day with Mom.

2. Let the Games Begin!

Don’t let anyone tell you you're too old to play games! One of the best date ideas on the smaller scale is getting together for some friendly competition on your favorite board game. You might need a couple more people to make it truly exciting but there’s tons of fun and memories to be had on classics like Taboo, Charades, and Monopoly! But make sure to ditch the traditional game snacks in favor of a charcuterie board to really bring out the date aesthetic.

3. Bring out your inner Picasso


There’s just something about painting that elicits a feeling of relaxation and serenity. Its versatility as a date idea allows for many creative ways to spend time with your loved one. Paint portraits of each other and see who the true artist is, make it a challenge and play a drawing guessing game, or just paint from the heart and compare what makes you both unique. 

4. Order Up!

Whether you’re a masterclass chef or struggling to boil water, a cooking date is a must for anyone trying to spend some quality time. If you want to be really adventurous, embark on creating a dish neither of you have tried before. A small variety board would be the perfect appetizer to munch on while cooking, or a back-up meal if things go horribly wrong. Having this date for mother’s day might be the safest option, because what’s better than mom’s cooking?

5. Bring out the Boats

Although it may sound fancy, Florida residents know how simple but effective this date idea is. If you don’t already own a boat, there’s hundreds of rentals, tour guides, and online options for a cheap price that offer a wonderful experience. Make it even more special or romantic by taking a nighttime ocean cruise through the city, and stare at the stars while sharing a charcuterie board.

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