5 Father's Day Gifts He Won't See Coming!

Make Dad feel extra special this year by getting him something he’d never expect! Here are five ideas that are sure to make you his favorite.

1. The Miami Larder

It’s always the father’s job to make sure there’s money for food on the table, so switch it up this year by putting something on his plate! The Miami Larder provides a variety of meat, cheese, and fruit platters that are sure to please anyone. Dad will definitely be in for a surprise when he sees this edible work of art.

2. Personalized Engraved Tape Measure

For the hard-working father’s out there, we have an essential gift that’s both practical and thoughtful. Every handy-man knows how useful a tape measure is, and now it can be even more special with a heartfelt message showing your love and appreciation. Just make sure he doesn’t start using it on his special day.

3. Make Your Own Hot Sauce Kit

Hot sauce is always a go-to gift for Father’s Day but let’s spice it up by making it a DIY version. This kit allows you to make custom hot sauces that truly bring out the pepper’s flavor, instead of merely burning your mouth. This is also the perfect accompaniment if you like your charcuterie boards with a little kick!

4. Personalized Whiskey Barrel

We all know how much Dad’s love their collection of alcohol, why don't we give him a gift so he can display it the right way? This mini personalized barrel will make him the envy of his friends and bump you up to the favorite child status. Plus we all know alcohol tastes way better when it comes from a barrel.

5. Urban Map Glass

Another twist on a classic gift, this unique glass lets Dad rep his favorite city with his favorite drink. And before you ask, yes there is one for Miami. The simple yet intricate design is perfect for any occasion or if you just need a simple reminder of where you’re from. Not to mention how perfectly it pairs with a miami local charcuterie board. 

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