A 2022 Guide to Charcuterie Combinations from the Miami Larder



What are your big plans for 2022? If you’re still pondering on them, take a moment to let yourself indulge in our list of Miami Larder charcuterie combinations for a little “foodie” inspiration.

Here’s a month-by-month guide to the most delicious combinations found in our expertly curated boards. We hope this stirs your imagination and brings you lots of great ideas for the coming year.


January enters the scene with the joy of celebration, bringing a whole new year to look forward to. The joy that comes with it easily matches what you’ll find in the Brie, Coppa and Marcona Almonds combo, which will undoubtedly keep you looking forward to more!


February is the month of love, which is why you want to treat yourself, or your significant other, with something sweet and loving. Why not an aphrodisiac? Something like our Caviar board that combines luxurious Kaluga caviar and indulgent dry egg yolks.


We happily welcome the first blooms of spring and the Ultra Music Conference in Miami. This is the perfect time to try our blue cheese and chocolate combo. Flavors that seemingly contrast at first make perfect harmony together, just like a music concert.


The month of Spring Break cannot miss a combo that will play with some fresh flavors. Try the fruit platter with some champagne and be sure to take the rest of your evening off to fully indulge in the experience. 


Mother’s Day is the most special occasion of the year. Mom deserves to be pampered with bubbles and Caviar.


Summer is the season of freedom, fun, and adventures! Get in touch with your venturesome side by trying our Bresola and Petite Basque, it’s sure to make your summer special! 


As we celebrate our country’s independence, let's also take time to celebrate Manchego, Olives and Chorizo, a combination that will light up your taste buds like the night sky on the 4th of July!


Back to school doesn’t always have to be depressing! Cheer the kids up and fuel their brains with some Pistachio, Berries and Cheddar!


You’ve worked hard this year, treat yourself to Truffled Brie and some Foie Gras that will ensure you have the energy to continue grinding and crushing your goals.


Forget the candy this Halloween, indulge in some delicious spicy sausage and Stilton!


We know you're stuffed with Thanksgiving dinner, but don't forget to save some room for aged cheddar, mixed berries and pickles.


Spread some holiday cheer by gifting your friends and family (or yourself) with Caviar, Champagne and Truffled Brie, we recommend the large variety board.

We hope these inspire you in the coming year and keep your palate pleased!

Bon appetit!



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