Want to make your charcuterie board pop? Pair it with these fine wines! 🍾

Any special occasion in life deserves food, and what better choice than a scrumptious charcuterie board? The Miami Larder, well-known for the quality, seasonality, and thoroughness of its creations, has a variety of boards, no matter your desire. From the freshness of the Mediterranean, to the exquisite taste of the Caviar, all selections are bound to please its customers! 

To enhance the flavor of each ingredient even more, the perfect addition to every charcuterie board is wine. The Miami Larder would like to present some ad-hoc wine-board combos that are sure to transform your experience and make it “très magnifique”!

The Cheese Board + Chardonnay: The rich texture and acidic taste of this white wine will pair perfectly with the variety of cheese at your disposal; ranging from brie, goat and even blue cheeses. 


The Meat Board + Malbec:  This wine is a great match for any type of meat or food with a more vibrant flavor. If our Meat Board is what you are craving, make sure to pick up some Malbec so you can enjoy this board to its fullest! 


The Variety Board + Rosé: Rosé is a perfect choice for those in the mood for any and everything without compromise. The fresh and fruity taste of this wine will enhance every single bite of cheese, meat, fruit and crudités that you’ll indulge in. 


The Mediterranean Board or our Seasonal Fruit Board + Pinot Gris = Our healthiest boards’ best match is a spicy flavored Pinot Gris (Pinot Grigio), that provides a fruity hint which will pair perfectly with the tropical nature of these boards.  


The Caviar Board + Champagne: The combo that all the lovebirds cannot miss out on this Valentine’s Day. Indulge in our caviar board, accompanied by none other than a great bottle of champagne! Bubbles and caviar will definitely find their way into your heart by making any special occasion impossible to forget…💘

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